1976 Celebrity Sperm Bank Revisited

Filed under: Culture Jamming and Reality Hacking, The History of Pranks

Update October 20, 2012: Huffington Post reports: Joey Skaggs Created The Celebrity Sperm Bank Hoax To Expose Journalists’ Incompetence

From Joey Skaggs:

In July of 1976, I (aka Giuseppe Scaggoli), as proprietor of the Celebrity Sperm Bank, planned to hold an auction of rock star sperm. The press release said, “We’ll have sperm from the likes of Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and vintage sperm from Jimmy Hendricks. All donations are certified and authenticated.” I asked about 50 actor friends to gather on Waverly Place between 6th Avenue and MacDougal Street in front of my attorney’s brownstone home. Read the rest of the story here and see some images below.

Yesterday, October, 17, 2012, (thanks Chris Cook, John Lundberg & Larry Croft for the heads-up), a new Celebrity Sperm Bank hoax called Fame Daddy was covered by ITV, the Telegraph, the Globe & Mail, to name a few.

Now they’ve all been caught with their pants down.

As I’ve said for decades, give the media a sensational story and they’re all over it. Had any of them heeded any of the principles of journalism, they’d likely have figured out that not only was this Celebrity Sperm Bank a hoax, it was not even an original idea.

1976 Celebrity Sperm Bank:

As reported in Screw Magazine, August 1976

As reported in Ms. Magazine, November 1976

Why’d I do it? In 1976, I was satirizing the possibilities inherent in our advanced medical technology as well as the media’s interest in sexual news items. Why’d Fame Daddy do it? Who knows? But maybe next time they can come up with an original idea!

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